Tutoring and Training Courses

Our 1-week and 2-week programs offer multiple tutoring sessions per week, in addition to interactive lectures and clinical work experience. Our instructors are all Physicians / Surgeons and they have helped students get accepted to some of the most competitive programs in the United Kingdom.

The Peer Study Program aims to support student success through peer tutors. Tutors strive to identify strategies to improve learning to increase knowledge and confidence around particular areas of study.

The academic demands of medical school are rigorous, and with so many claims on time, it is not unusual to occasionally feel the need for a little extra help.

Thus, the way we select physicians must change accordingly. Future Medical students will need to demonstrate a wide range of academic and personal competencies to be successful in medical school and as physicians. In addition to students who are academically prepared, we need to select those who also have strong interpersonal and social skills, and can demonstrate various intrapersonal competencies necessary to learn clinical skills.

Research Mentoring

Students have both the right and responsibility to be certain they are adequately supervised during their independent assignments to nurture their interests.

Research mentors and their trainees require regular contact (usually via teleconference) to assure optimal conduct of research. At least one senior faculty member will supervise.

Academic Advising / Coaching

The advisors meet with their advisees one-on-one and in groups to help students having difficulties or questions to offer advice on navigating the journey through Medical school and beyond.


1What are "Skills for Work" courses, and how can they benefit individuals seeking career development?

"Skills for Work" courses enhance the practical skills and competencies needed for various job roles. They benefit individuals by equipping them with relevant skills for career advancement.

2 What does an "Introduction to Coaching" course typically cover, and who can benefit from it?

An "Introduction to Coaching" course provides fundamental insights into coaching principles and techniques. It can benefit individuals interested in coaching as a career or those seeking to improve their coaching skills professionally.

3What of training are offered in medical training courses in the UK?

Medical training courses in the UK encompass various topics, including medical ethics, clinical skills, and specialised medical fields. These courses cater to aspiring healthcare professionals and offer diverse training options.

4Are there any specific prerequisites for enrolling in medical training courses in the UK?

Prerequisites for medical training courses vary depending on the system and institution. Some may require prior medical knowledge or educational qualifications, while others may be open to beginners.

5How can students find suitable training and courses in the UK that match their career aspirations and interests?

Students can explore training offerings through educational institutions, online course platforms, and career guidance resources to find courses that align with their goals.

6What examples of skilled courses are available in the UK for individuals looking to acquire specialised skills?

Skilled courses in the UK can include areas like IT certifications, language proficiency, vocational skills, and industry-specific certifications, offering individuals the opportunity to develop expertise in a particular field.

7What training for students looking to enhance their coaching skills in the UK are available?

Students can access coaching and training courses that focus on improving coaching techniques, communication skills, and leadership abilities, which are valuable in various professional contexts.

8How do coaching skills courses contribute to personal and professional development in the UK?

Coaching skills courses help individuals enhance their interpersonal and leadership abilities, enabling them to excel in their careers and positively impact the lives of others through effective coaching.

9 Can you provide information on the programming courses available in the UK related to medical testing and diagnostics?

Programming courses in the UK related to Medical testing typically cover topics like healthcare data analysis, medical software development, and medical device programming to support advancements in healthcare technology.